Surströmming translates to “sour herring”…that’s putting it mildly.

by Sarah Gebeke, Associate Producer

I had the absolute pleasure of watching Andrew Zimmern offer up a bite of foul smelling, rotted herring to our producer, Patrick Weiland, while filming the Embassy Row Special at the House of Sweden in Washington, D.C.

I know you’re thinking, how bad can it really be?!

Well, the stench from this Swedish delicacy is so strong that it needs to be opened outdoors, and even still the smell hits you like a ton of bricks. And then there’s the taste. Andrew describes it as an aluminum-flavor with a strong hit from the rotting egg-sack and stomach. Check out our producer’s reaction when Andrew pulls him aside to taste the herring.

Andrew challenges producer, Patrick Weiland, to taste the herring

Patrick hopes plugging his nose will lessen the blow.

The taste is so strong Patrick grabs a bottle of water off the table to wash it down.

Andrew shares a proud moment – he finally has a producer who gets a taste of what it’s really like to walk in Andrew’s shoes. Literally.